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ECU number location


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There's a white Bosch label on the ECU as far as I know which details the Bosch and Audi part number.

And from what I can make out on the Etka parts CD is that your ECU should be 8D0 907 401 and ending with either N,L or M dependent on options, I may have this wrong but I based it on the AFB engine model/serial number prefix.

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Well, I thought the ECU was in the rear left of the engine compartment as you're facing the front of the car, but if it is where I think it is, there are no external labels on it and you need a torx driver to get the lid off.

There was something else nearby with an Audi part number on it:

8E0 612 105H

Looked a bit of an odd shape for an ECU (I imagined a rectangular box, but this is kind of egg-shaped), so I doubt that't the thing really.

Checked the service manual and the ECU is not listed on the sticker - only the VIN, engine code, external & internal option codes and paint code.

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What do you need that for Trev? Thinking of getting the old girl chipped? Is that because you couldn't keep up with me the other night? grin.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Contemplating it.

I contacted Revo and they said they don't have the code complete yet for my engine, but wanted to know the ECU number so they can check.

TBH, I don't think the missus will permit me to spend the money, but there's no harm in doing the research is there wink.gif

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