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[Audi A3/S3] Q for Miltek zorst'd S3 owners


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...as per the subject line; how does yours hang (fnarr!)?

Mine seems crooked and is lower on the left-hand side (as viewed from behind) than the right.UHOH7.GIF

I could be mistaken, but it seems to be getting lower.

I've had a nose underneath and the rubber bushing is there and attached at both ends, but, looking at Dean's photies in the gallery, his is nice 'n' flush.

Any tips?


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I saw Deans Miltek about a month ago, and his seems to sit low at the left hand side, one of the reasons I didn't buy it, thought it looked cack!

[/ QUOTE ]

Mmm, int'restin'. Ta for the input. Must say, it does look like it's about to drop off shocked.gif (but isn't) and a couple of peeps have said "'Ere, your zorst is wonky" or words to that effect.



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