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DVD Buying Tips.


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I know quite a few of us are into Home Cinema and all..and therefore most of you will know where to get stuff and DVD's...but i thought a few tips for others would be good!

Please add anything you feel would be helpful.

My first port of call (apart from soome forums)is usually:

www.dvdcompare.org.uk = this site give you list of all the differances between the region's on a particular dvd. This matters when you could get a film with more features and uncut for a £1 or two more or in most cases cheaper!

Then I take a quick search via a price search engine usually:

www.dvdpricecheck.co.uk or


Now these price checks can throw up loads of cheap places to shop from...some good and some bad!(heard bad stuff about dvdimport and dvdmode)..from my experiance and from the experiance of others i've heard here are some recommendations...please feel free to add to it.

www.play.com = Most of you know this place...excellent prices and quick delivery..but nowadays only really cheap for Region 2.

www.cd-wow.com = Good prices on Region 1/2/4 but their product line up is limited..although they will have most if not all new films. Usually stay away from region 3 stuff!

** Try www.cd-wow.com.hk this is their Honk Kong site (they are based there)if you know they supply the dvd on the .com site then add it to the cart in the hk site...go on as usual filling in details and when asked what currency you wanna pay in choose pound sterling. The price should be around a pound or so cheaper than the main site. ***

www.splashdvd.com = good site with some bargains..delivery can take up to 5 days, but usually 3.

www.choicesdirect.co.uk = has some excellent deals at the moment..always had films come in on time.

US/Canada sites:

www.dvdsoon.com = by far one of the cheapest..delivery is usually about 5days.

www.absound.ca = another good supplier/service..good delivery. Site isn't all that and some things have to be ordered in if out of stock.

www.deepdiscountdvd.com = used to have some probs before some pretty good now...good prices..delivery can take 5-7days.

www.movietyme.com = have some bargains sometimes.

Austrailian sites = (near enough the same as Region 2..but usually discs are uncut and have more features)

www.ezydvd.com.au = excellent site...with some good deals

** Remember when ordering from abroad as long as the package is not worth more than £18 you will not be charged by customs. Certains sites such dvdsoon and ezydvd mark down the value of the product even if it is more than £18.. i.e boxsets.**

phew feel better now!

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