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Range Rover Sport 4.2 Super Charged


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Pulled outside my shop in Broadway about 30mins ago obviously on trade plates as its not launched yet.

It was a burgundy/red colour with black leather. It was set on its lowest ride height with a gap between the wheel arch and the tyres that you could barely get you little finger in. It looks similar to a regular Range Rover but the tester told me that its a fair bit lower and shorter than the regular car and when I stood next to it I could tell that the roof would be easier to clean than my Touareg. cool.gif

Sitting inside you get into it as you would a normal saloon car and not have to climb into it like most SUV's, the seats themselves were very hugging and had a more sporty feel than mine, leather was softer too. It was loaded to the hilt with options and of course LHD like all prototypes seem to be.

Outside the car it easily recognisable due to its vents in the front wings. The front seemed a lot more aggressive than the regular Range Rover probably more to do with its drilled front grill. Rear lights were different too, a bit Lexus Looking but sets it off.

I did ask him (tongue in cheek) if he wanted a race as I had a V10 Touareg on loan from VW (11 VW) but he said no point as the RRS would pi** all over it. shocked.gif

I did however ask him to give it some stick as he pulled off down the high street which he obliged. 169144-ok.gif

It looked very much like this but a different colour.


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Yahoo saw one today. A421 going from M1 Jct 13 towards Bedford. Classic double take. 'Is that a Range' or a new Disco' approaching. Nice side vents. Orange. Ohhh it's a RR Sport!' Very nice looking, much leaner than the stock RR.

Also saw two DB9s today. Current 'it car' to be seen in I guess. Going to be lots of mid-to-high milers for sale in a few years no doubt. Just wish Aston Martin would start making their orders for the Volante.

Ian C

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