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[Audi A3/S3] Please help me spec my wife's A3 Sportback


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I think we've finally decided on the A3 Sportback 2.0T FSI Sport Quattro (instead of the Golf GTI), so I just need to understand what the 'must have' options are and what to avoid.

Personally I'd have the S-line pack, with those awesome 18" wheels and the stiffer suspension, but she's adamant she wants full leather interior, and I believe that the S-line is only available in half-cloth/half leather?

As well as leather, she also wants a Symphony CD changer (is BOSE worth the extra ?), heated front seats, metallic paint. Can anyone strongly recommend the various 'pack options - light pack, storage pack etc etc ?

Also, it looks as though the leather is 2-tone leather. Does anyone have any experience of this in practice? We are thinking about:

Black Car with Black or Red leather

Dolphin Grey Car with Black or Red leather

Moro Blue Car with Black or Blue leather

Finally, can anyone give me an idea of what a fair discount on these cars is ?

cheers beerchug.gif


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Hi mate,

Automatic folding door mirrors are useful for the garage.

Multi function steering wheel is useful.

You have to specify rear mats - not included!

Medial Aluminum Silver inlays look great.

Acoustic Parking System is useful as rear vis is poor.

Electric lumbar support is good if you are prone to back probs.

Polished Aluminium Roof Rails are nice if you want the mini Avant look.

Tyre Pressure Monitor is only £50 and I think worth having.

The auto lights and wipers, interior lighting pack and arm rest are all popular too, though I found that the arm rest got in the way of the handbrake.

Re discounts, at Xmas when I ordered my Sportback the best deals online were with drivethedeal.com, offering around 8.34% off the total OTR price, i.e. (the car + options + delivery + vat). 3 local dealers I spoke to agreed to match that. grin.gif

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Click the link below for the full review and a what I thought of the options.

The Light pack is great, lifts the interior a bit.

Auto Light / Wipers / Mirror is fantastic value. Highly recommend it the auto wipers are a boon. Easy to use and faultless dealing with whatever rain is thrown at it.

Bose, good but the standard set-up is better than most so possible save your money and get the above instead.

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You can get full leather on S-lines now BTW...

[/ QUOTE ]

Are you sure ???? It's not on the website. In fact I can't find the S-line pack on the website now, either smashfreakB.gif???!!!

What I have noticed is that leather was £1,060, now £750.

I'm confused.............


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To confirm what Sidicks says, the tyre pressure monitor has been available to order on the Sportback since around Xmas. I ordered it! Don't know if it is available on the 3 door though?

The 3 door facelift (presumably corporate grille, steering wheel) is from what I know around June time.

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According to my brother who is an Audi technician (just promoted and now he's in charge of the techies) he told me last week whilst doing silly speeds in a remapped 3.2 A3 going to the bike show shocked.gif that the A3 S-line is now available with full leather. Saying that he normally asks me about Audi's as I seem to know more than their workforce. blush.gifgrin.gif

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Im going for the three door as ive no need for the sprtsback however with the ali roof rails its like an RS4.

So you reckon June for the 3 door facelift, I hope so becauase I plan to buy in July. I wonder what date I can order so that I can receive one of the first facelifts.

Also is the tyre preassure cool, can you see the preassures or does it just warn if low.


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Audi customer services said in October when I asked them : 'Production of the face lifted A3 with new single frame grille takes place in June 2005. You can expect to see these on the roads from July 2005.'

Email them for latest news at [email protected]

Tyre Pressure Monitor - Haven't got my car yet, but according to brochure it monitors the air pressure set by the driver or specified by the system. If a wheel loses air, it calculates the amount lost and gives you an optical and acoustic warning.

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I have the S-line on the 3 door and one of the main reasons I bought it was because the sportback was not available with S-line at the time and I wanted the speed cloth seeats.

I have had leather on my last 4 or 5 cars, and after borrowing an A3 with cloth I realised it is so, so, so much nicer than leather! So the S-line seemed the ideal choice, leather on the sides, headrests etc. for the look and cloth where you need it.

Things I have (on the 3 door) that I would not do without now are....

DSG (never buy another manual again!)

Heated seats

Lumbar support


Dimming mirror (can't believe this is not standard!)

Bose (or aftermarket upgrade even better)

interior light package

Sports suspension

nice wheels

Luxury items that I personally would not do without if at all possible..

Sat Nav (just so handy)

parking sensors

luggage and storage packs (worth it for the little outlay)

Is the D.I.S standard? just the A3 I borrowed did not have it and it really annoyed me after having all that info on cars for the last however many years.

And the aluminum roof rails are a must on the sportback.

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Mine is a bit different in that it is a bit shorter and faster but here is what I think of my options;

DSG - Best thing since sliced bread, going to get the multi-tronic when i get the S4 in sept.

Cruse control - very handy with motorway driving and keeping mpg higher.

Automatic dimming mirrors - very good during night driving, preventing glare etc

Automatic folding mirrors - looks good and brill for getting in garage, avaoiding scrapes (when the bread knive drives it)

Parking sensors - No matter how good you are ar parking you need these to prevent mishaps when tossers park too close behind you and you need 25 attempts to get out of a space

Centre arm rest - a must have if you have DSG or cruise control - actually a must have anyway, the only time it would get in the way with the hand brake is if you have a manual and you are a proper stiff who has to use the hand brake at every set of traffic lights or juction.

Half leather seats - avoid the black silver ones like mine, but of a bummer to clean and look dirty, bought my other half a 2.0TDI Sport and chose black full leather - much better choice

Sline Options - Wheels, suspension etc - a must have.

Vortex Body kit - Asthetically pleasing and seems to separate the boys from the girls.

Bose Symphony - Excellent with my Alpine Satnav/DVD player, even got the DVD Player working while the car is in motion (tis legal is'nt it).

Slide and tilt sunroof - Very good for making the car feel lighter and when you want the extra breeze without the noise of the window.

Xenons - Far better than standard lights and also look cool in the dark with the tint of blue - plus they clean themselves.

Total - £31k and a bit = ME LOVING IT

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Nice choice. My wife is going for a similar choice over the Golf GTi.

3 door this time and fortunately she's well up for the S-Line.

Additional options we're looking at are metallic, heated front seats, stereo with mutichanger in dash (forget the name!), no smoking kit and am currently trying to justify the spend on Xenons - a must if you ask me but pretty expensive.

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Heated seats are a definite if you get leather, have them in the wifes car.

The symphony Bose system I had in my car but took the head unit out as I had a satellite navigation system from my previous car that i put in instead, retaining the BOSE though.

Have the Symphony Bose in the wifes car and it is really good.

Mine is lava grey and the wifes is akoya silver

Would really reccomend the xenons as there is such a difference in brightness and beam length/width.

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I have a separate DVD player mounted on the top din and the alpine CVA 1004R/RR Mobile media station on the bottom din.

I then had a facia made to go around the two head units, coated in a fabric nearly identical to the dash and it looks good.

The screen flops out and covers the dvd player

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OK back on topic... wink.gif

here's my full list.

A3 Sportback 2.0T Quattro S-line.

Avus Silver

Front centre armrest

Aluminium trim inlay

Heated folding mirrors

Interior light pack

Non smoking pack

Symphony II & Bose

Heated front seats

Storage pack

Through load pack and rear armrest

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