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Minardi's shock singing !


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Faenza, Wednesday. Just a week after stunning the Formula One world by grabbing Israeli star Chanoch Nissany, the Minardi F1 team have today rocked F1 by signing 'Quickest Bird Round The World In a Yacht' babe Ellen MacArthur. Ellen will join Christian Albers in spearheading the loveable rogues 2005 campaign. Said team principal Paul Stoddart ' It was a no brainer, she is quick, she is as fit as a flea, PR friendly, can cook and will no doubt bring plenty of sponsorship - especially as she is not a bad looking Sheila' Ellen will be the only lady on the grid next year, although Jordan are thinking about hiring tough tottie Condoleeza Rice in an attempt to steal their rivals thunder.

More on the site - well, a nice pic of Ellen at least !


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