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'IN02' service code - what does it require?


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Here you go, try this:

Service Interval Display

The display appears after switching on the ignition (engine not started) for a few seconds in place of the mileage recorder in the speedometer. If no service is neccesary IN00 will be displayed.

If a service is due, the following appears in the display for a few seconds even after starting the engine:

OEL - Engine oil change

IN01 - Inspection service

IN02 - Inspection service with additional operations

After a service has been carried out, each service should be called up individually and the display zeroed. If for instance the inspection service IN02 with oil change is carried out, the OEL, IN01 and IN02 must be zeroed. The zeroing can be carried out as follows:

The zeroing of the service display should only be carried out in "total" mileage recorder mode. If the service interval display is zeroed in the trip recorder mode, the trip recorder can be erased.

With the ignition switched off, press and hold the button below the speedometer (left). Switch on and off again the ignition with the button held. Release the button and OEL can be seen in the display. By briefly pressing the button under the speedometer, you can cycle through OEL/IN01/IN02 indications. Select the one you wish to zero.

Press and hold the lower button normally used to set the clock (right side) until the display changes to a series of dashes (- - - - -). Select another mode to zero and repeat.

When complete, switch on the ignition and the word IN00 should appear.

The trick is to hold the "clock" button for sufficient time for the display to show blanks.

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