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[Audi A3/S3] 19" rs6 alloys on 3.2


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Scuffed the off side alloy the other week, really pissed.

Also following a servioce last week it appears that I might need new tyres.

Seroiusly thinking of buying the 19" RS6 alloys with tyres from


I was going to ask for the cost to supply the wheels and go to blackcircles.co. uk for the tyres,


1) Is this the most cost effective way of doing this

2) What effect will the wheel increase have on the car

3) Is it worth it, or should i stick TO 18"s - but one will need sorting out and I need new tyres.

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1) probably not, rochford seem to do the tyres at cost and make the money on the rims.

2) it will be a fair bit harsher ride, and alot noisier with the standard tyres they supply

3)I would get Audi to match blackcircles with the tyres (they did for me) and get them to sort the scuff out when the car is in for the day. That way you get a loaner too.

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