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Dear old Audi failed its MOT !!!


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.... aye, but would you believe it failed on one thing, and that thing would be a new track rod end fitted by same said garage in July last year.

Thing is I supplied the track rod end, new from the same place they get their parts. We couldn't free up the track rods and so I got the garage to do it and fit the end at the same time.

Cos I supplied the part it was not warrantied for 12 months (the work was), and so I have to get a new one, get it fitted and get my tracking re-done..... which I just got done 3 weeks ago, from same said garage, when I fitted new wishbones (eaiser than fitting new bushes) and the tracking went all to pot!

Had I bought the track rod end from them in the 1st place, for a mere £2 more than I got it for, all this work would be getting done FOC!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, if I do the remedial work myself I'll have to pay for another MOT and another wheel alignment! Another thing is if I left the car with the garage overnight they'd fix and re-test only the failed parts, but as they are on holiday for 4 days, I have to take the car home which means its left the premises and so a full re-test is required, so to get this for FREE I have to allow them to fix the problem.


1 x TRE @ £9

1 X 0.75 hours labour @ £27

1 X wheel alignment (which may mean nothing needs doing) @ £35

All plus VAT smile.gif

What a wicked turn of events ............. confused.gif

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