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Phaeton for £25k


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V10 TDi if you can. Although I doubt it, as that is probably the only model to keep it's value.

The 3.2 might feel underpowered in that huge body. The 4.2 will go well. The 2.5 TDi (like the 3.2)

The W12..........best value 2nd hand if you can find one! Will cost the earth to run though.

2.5 & 3.2 might not have as many toys.

Soooooooo, that means a V10 TDi (Diesel) or the 4.2 V8 petrol. Good luck. The bigger V Dub dealers will have stock.

Had a quick look on Autotrader - The only one on that price range is the 3.2 V6. Not sure if they are all 4-motion's???? However, it does have 240 BHP, so should be OK!

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The best model and year would be a new '05 3.0TDi, it's going to be the most popular version in the UK and the one most likely to hold onto its money. Not the I am biased or anything but I collect mine next Wednesday. If you opt for used bear in mind the early 3.2 petrol cars were only 2 wheel drive and NOT 4Motion. To see what I think of Phaetons look at my reply to "looking for a badgeless grille".

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