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Mad number plate prices


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Just looking at some of the number plates prices in the classifieds in Autocar. Surely no one pays this kind of money? Some of the numbers are tenuous in what they are trying to represent in the extreme!

BL03 BEY - offers over £2,000! shocked.gif Why? Cos it's supposed to read "Blobbey". Well no it doesn't, and who wants that anyway (apart from Noel Edmunds perhaps!?)

SO03 ENS - offers over £2,000! Apparently it reads 500 Benz! Err, nope....

How about BDS 5? Well, quite a nice plate if your initials are BDS I guess, but it's up for £30,000!!! cos it looks a little bit like "Boss". Presumably if you squint a bit. And it's dark. And you're stood a long way back. Facing the other way....

Or FA03 CUP. Well, bit of a nice novelty plate for a football fan I guess. But £4,000!!!??? shocked.gif They're having a giraffe surely.......???

Or my fave... SLR1. Great plate for your new Mercedes SLR for sure. Please form an orderly queue and start your bidding at £195,000!! Wonder if he'll take an offer......

I can't believe they even get a phone call.

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1. K1 NGS

Sold Dec '93 for £231,000

2. 1 A

Sold Dec '89 for £200,000

3. S1 NGH

Sold Oct '98 for £108,000

4. 1 RR

Sold Dec '94 for £106,000

5. 1 S

Sold Dec '90 for £100,000

6. G1 LLY

Sold Mar '90 for £87,500

7. 1 MK

Sold Oct '02 for £83,500

8. P1 LOT

Sold Sep '96 for £82,500

9. 1 DM

Sold Dec '94 for £82,000

10. COL 1N

Sold Jun '99 for £76,500


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Numbers plates has become a commodity to buy and sell, ANY plate with ANY combination has a value, DVLA are onto a never ending goldmine.

It's sad sods at the bottom end of the market that pay £000's for something like CAZ 1463 or T236 JKT that keeps the market bouyant, why - coz, the first plate belongs to some tart called Carol or Karen and the second belongs to someone with the initials JKT - doh confused.gifconfused.gif

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