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Avus Wheel


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Anyone else got a problem with their wheels? Whilst cleaning the other day I noticed a 3-4 inch section of flaking. No impact or scratch damage just the flaking. Two years old 30,000 miles. Contacted dealer and will call in next week. frown.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Mmm, no...


My nearside rear has a fuggin' great big gouge (well, that's what it looks like in my eyes) near the centre of it.

Quite how it got there, I know not -- the other half is resolutely adamant she ain't driven along any tall kerbs and I sure as feck haven't.


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I've got some huge gouges out of my Avus wheels, but then again, I am the UK kerbing champ (lordy help me if I can ever afford those Sportec's!).

Back to the point of the thread, it's possible that the wheel was damaged in-transit and they got a wheel fixer-upper to do the work on it, but he didn't do a very good job. Alternaticely, could just be poor manufacturing. Either way, Audi should replace it for you, unless they can show that you caused the damage.

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