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[Audi A3/S3] Handling problems solved - mainly


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Well... You'll have seen (though probably not read, can't say I blame you) my thread about upgrading the handling on my A3. Having had a very frustrating time on the phone to my dealer SG Smith - they wanted £175 for a 4-wheel alignment and the after-sales "service" guy also reckoned that any changes to anything on the vehicle would invalidate the warranty. So, back to square one, then.

I started fiddling with the tyre pressures a bit - and seem to have stumbled onto a solution... I'm now running with 36 psi in the fronts, and 34 in the rears, and the understeer is much improved. The extra pressure in the front tyres helps to reduce roll a bit, and subjectively the rear feels much more lively. I had a good hoon around on my way down south on Saturday night, and I can honestly say it's revolutionised the way my car handles... grin.gif

Just thought I'd share... wink.gif

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Not bad! One thing to consider though Preacher. That is a pretty hard setting and could make the handling pretty snappy in the wet. Have you tried it in the rain yet?

[/ QUOTE ]

Er. No. That is a very good point, actually - I've been merrily hooning about on the sun-kissed, warm, dry tarmac of joy in Surrey. Hmm. Will approach wet-weather driving with caution, or possibly sideways.FIREdevil.gif

I've used 34 psi all round for as long as I've had the car, though - so maybe it won't be too bad... :hopefulsmileything:

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