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My first two months with the R32


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Well times flies when your having fun. Nearly 2,000 miles later I thought I'd write my latest feelings.

Build Quality

Seems VW have a bit on an issue here. Not just mine but others have suffered rattles in the dashboard. Few other irritating squeaks. Not used to this in my Leon or Subaru stuff EEK2.GIF Still not enough to really get on my nerves though.


Ok the engine still has a lot of losening up to do. Its pretty good. You can dump it into 6th early and let the 3.2 litres haul you around. Can make for a fairly relaxed drive.

When you put your pedal to the metal its OK. Very much as I first expected it needs another 40-50 bhp to really be fun/handfull. I know people are going to do a chip, but whilst they say 20bhp, with most NA chips that could be anywhere in the rev range. My feeling is a chip wont alter it too much. I hear Miltek are doing the exhaust. Be interesting to see how a chip and exhaust perform. One things for certain the S3 with 280 and DSG will be [censored] hot.


Ride is a bit stiff, and a WRX shows you how to have ride quality and handling in one, but I like it. Great to chuck around and Ive yet to have a brown pants moment it that predictable.


Stereo is CRAP. I even went for Delta. Not a patch on the S3's Bose system. Seats are superb and the Leather is great. The steering wheel is the best Ive ever had - on a par with the M3.


Dont know if its the blue, but this thing get more looks than any of my other cars - RS4, M3, 7 Scoobies etc. I keeep finding myself looking out of the window after Ive Zymoled it. Funny seeing other MKIV Golf drivers faces. Seems most GTI & V6 owners want to look straight on rather than look fuck_scott.gif Went out one day and got followed into a petrol station by a Boxster S. He just wanted a look. Took him out for a spin suicide.gif


The best till last. Go for a nice long run, then drive through your local high street. Find a parking space and use 2000 rpm for low speed manoveurs. Guaranteed to get everyones attention. Again best sounding car Ive had inc M3 and exhaust modded Scoobies. Only downside can be a drone at 2000rpm @ 60mph.


Superb car, just let down by not enough poke (for a spoilt brat like me anyway)


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Well the list is pretty easy to whittle down.

The Focus RS and Alfa are FWD and in the wet I wouldnt be happy. Ive had too many FWD cars, and they all struggle with power. Last car was the Leon Cupra R.

Bearing in mind the R32 cost £24,500 with Leather its oposition is the STI and not the WRX. However the WRX with PPP has some VERY good write ups.

The EVO7 would be a nice weekend car, but for the weekend, I'd rather have a soft top. The EVO's interior makes me feel sick. I cant understand how such a low rent interior can be released to the public. A case of the paper bag being to thin and you keep seeing its face shocked.gif If I was going the Jap route it would be the STI everyday.


Tough one. If at a later date you could add the PPP to the STI, then go STI. If not I'd be tempted by the WRX with PPP (same power, more torque, lighter weight)

Scooby vs R32

All round ability it has to be the R32. As a drivers car it would be the Scooby.

S3 or R32

Thats pretty easy. R32 everyday. The only advantage the S3 has is its easy to tune. Other than that I prefer the R32. Loads more character, handling on a different level and looks more special IMHO. This is based on my experience of owning 2 S3's, one with 254bhp.

What am I going to do. Well working in Telecoms is still pretty scary. Got a few thoughts. Dont see me having the R32 in three months, but I could be wrong. I have an option on a 3.0 litre Z4.


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