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Remote Revo Chipping


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Removing your ECU should be a piece of cake. It only gets complicated on later S3s that have the protective cradle around the ECU. This actually needs to be broken to get to the ECU and then replaced with a new cradle (I'm sure Revo can sell you a new cradle). If there's no protective cradle then its just a case of removing one wiper (to allow the scuttle panel to lift), lifting the scuttle panel, unclipping the ECU from its mountings and disconnecting the cables.

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Finally got a response from the REVO guys today (understand they are really busy) and they confirmed that they can load their software if I ship my ECU to them.

I will wait a while until things cool down a bit at REVO

before I decide whether to ship my ECU.If I do decide to do it then I will get all the REVO options to make it worth while cool.gif



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