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[Audi A3/S3] S3: advice needed


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Hi, I'm new here.

I found a 2001 S3 for sale, they ask 25000 Euros.

My question is:

according to your experiences, is the S3 well worth the money?

I own a modified VW Golf III GTI, around 180 hp.

I'd like to buy something A LOT faster, with an excellent engine.

210 hp seem to be few to drive so faster, am I wrong?

In your opinion, is it a risk to buy an used S3? (chipped? abused?).

Post your advices, thank you!!

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A chipped S3 will be a lot faster, but a standard one will only be a small amount faster - the handling should be a lot better though.

You will find that a lot of engines have been chipped but the 1.8T engine is tough (especially in S3/TT form) and can take a chip.

A friend has a TT with about 10,000 miles on and we compared engine notes. My 45,000 mile S3 sounded a lot smoother and I have certainly driven it hard. It seems that the 1.8T thrives on hard driving.

You need to check service history and take any car out for a test drive to check for any unusual noises and make sure the suspension is not crashy and knackered.

The car will not sound that different. The turbo is more raspy and the engine note louder but still nothing like an R32 exhaust note! smile.gif

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