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My new 02 V6TDI


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Here are a few pics of my new car, what do you all think??

I love it, and never imagined I would be so happy with an oil burner!

One of the whole of the side....


A rear/side shot... You can see we are still getting frosty mornings here! (and my wifes vectra (family bus))


a slightly blurry one of the inside..


I just bought it this week, it is only now 7 months old,

can you believe the previous owner paid £825 extra for these wheels? I like them, but not sure I would have paid the premium.. with the 225/45/17 Bridgestone Potenza on the rear, and Pirelli PZero's on the front, the car has amazing grip and poise!


I really love the 1/2 leather, 1/2 Alcantara.. It is so comfortable... Especially when it is cold as they are heated..


And here is what it is all about!!!


Take care all, I am off for (another) drive!!!! jump.gif


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I love that V6, had the please of driving one a while back, lovely car, I imagine a chipped one would have serious torque figues as the standard is pretty good.

Blue - that looks like the in dash 6 cd changer liek the R32 and Golf Anniversary comes with, if it is then I was quite impressed with the one in the Golf.

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The steering wheel is on the wrong side, dude! What is wrong with this picture? Did you post the image backwards? Oh well, I'll leave it at that.

I bought the last year Passat TDI that we could get here in the States. I bought it new in 1997. We can only get the 1.8T or the V6 on this side of the pond. We can only hope.

It amaizes people when I tell them that I get 49+ mpg (don't know what that is in liters and Kilos) and that is at 70-75 mph. The furthest miles that I got on a tank was 918 miles. I currently have 202,000 Miles on it.

I would love to see the A4 Quattro or Passat 4 motion here in the States with a TDI in it.


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