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Next Northern Meet - Wed 16th April


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Day moved, by popular demand smile.gif

This will be at the usual place - the White House pub at Blackstone Edge which is on the A58 between Littleborough and Ripponden (or Rochdale and Halifax if you need bigger towns for your map). It should even be light when we get there this time smile.gif

It is a short drive (10-15 mins) from junctions 21 or 22 of the M62. Ask here if you need directions.

Start time 7pm. I'll be there around 7.15, for what it's worth.

Everyone (and I mean everyone, Al) is welcome - the more the merrier. We don't even care if you don't drive an Audi. There'll be plenty of chat about cars, work and food (well, we'll be eating that, actually).

So, be there or be talked about smile.gif

If you can't make it on this date and would like to attend, please let me know so that I can gauge whether or not this is the best day.

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See if I can make it as I've finally managed a week off work w/c 14.04.03. Bound to entertain you as I get on with everyone hee hee (including chirpy cockneys for the record ha ha) Buy you's some beers er sorry I mean non-alcoholic as we're in the motors. Don't effect me as I've been tee-total all me 34years...now I know you don't believe me. Here's the hilarious punchline.....

wait for it....

First 21years of my life were spent growing up in my dads pubs, hotel, restaurant - ha ha ha jump.gif

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"D'oh!" - wife's decide we have to take the kids to a London museum 14-16th next week. There's me nite out knack'd. Reckons they need educating on dinosaurs and mummies. Two girls are only 6 & 2 - what's she expect a white paper on evolution for their homework.... frown.gif

ah well catch you's some other time. Strangely enough I'm going to be in Sheffield week after so may give the locals there a shout (S4Dreamer et all?)

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Had a great meet again yesterday - thanks to DavidT, Howie and Domus for turning up - where were the rest of you ?

For once, we arrived in daylight, and it was actually warm enough to stand outside the pub in a T-shirt (never thought that'd happen). It's amazing how different the route to the pub is in daylight though, and how many more people were around because of the time of year/weather.

Still fat from the monster mixed grill, but already looking forward to the next one.

Oh, and Howie, for the record, those wheels on your car look excellent, but I think you need to get some Porsche calipers to complement them smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif

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and for the record i also think some red porsche calipers would look good, are you going to treat me to some?

[/ QUOTE ]

If I win the lottery mate, I'll treat you to some. Until then, I'm stuck with my tractor and you'll have to do with those standard metal coloured calipers frown.gif

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