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A4 Cabrio Speaker Upgrade


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I have recently taken delivery of a new A4 Cab which comes with the Symphony single CD tuner and 9 speakers (including a sub/bass in the dash) as standard. I odered the 6 slot CD changer for the glove box too which is superb.

Problem is that I find the sound to be a little 'ordinary' and doesnt't seem to have a very nice full bass sound. I have to say at this point that I'm not into earth shattering bass & subwoofer sound, but I do like a good 'solid bass', so I am a little dissapointed.

If I had known this I would have probably ordered the Bose system, but unfortunately I didn't. I tried the car in the showroom and thought it sounded OK.

My previous car was a Seat Leon (A3 in a diferent suit) and the standard sound system on that (8 speakers) was absolutley superb, regardless of volume. I think the key to that stereo was the magic 'Loudness' button which made a big difference.

What do you think is my best option is to upgrade. I want to keep the Head Unit. I have had a quick look and everything seems really well screwed together and well hidden confused.gif

Is this a DIY option (I am pretty handy in that way)

Any ideas and cost would be greatly appreciated. smile.gif

PS where can I get the tool to remove the Head Unit?

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Not sure what to suggest mate, sorry.

I do recall a few years ago making some enquiries of a similar nature, and some speaker companies were doing speakers that are an exact size and replica of original equipment speakers so they slot straight in with no modification and are behind the standard grilles so the car looks standard, but the speakers were much better quality. Might be worth an enquiry with a local car hi-fi shop.

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