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Where's a good garage to take my S4???


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Come on - there has to be a decent garage out there somewhere. I have recently acquired my S4, and have had a few - er - "teething difficulties" with her. Bascially, I'm talking to the dealer where I bought the car from (who are being very helpful at the moment) and, once it has concluded, I'll tell all the gory details.

For now, any Audi Dealers out there in the South or Midlands which actually see an S4 as a precision machine rather than a car they can rag during their lunch hour? Are Audi dealers best, or are there any decent independents? I've heard the St Ives dealership in Cambridgeshire are decent enough. Any backers for them?

Mine's a 99 model by the way.

Cheers lads


Audi S4

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