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Recomendations... 56K dial up ......


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Might be looking to change from My Freeserve Anytime ISP

costs are going up, and service is slowing down!

Im looking for 24/7 access for set monthly fee.

im currently paying £14.99 a month..

No option of Broadband or Cable, so im waiting for that...

Oh and i cant stand AOL rocketwhore.gifsmirk.gif


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Tiscali is out as i dont have a credit card. never needed one.

so that cuts down choises. as does "fair use" terms and conditions on most others!

unlimited doesnt seem to be unlimited anymore. Some are more expensive than the broadband equivalent! ie demon, Nildram,plusnet etc.

choices are getting thinner and freeshite is getting slower!

anyone use Tesco?

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