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Welcome to the MkV Gti owners


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Hi Guys 'n' Girls

Been driving GTi's on & off for 22 years. The first was a Red MkI (V reg), followed by two 3dr MkII's, a White 8v (B reg) and then a Helios Blue 16v (F reg), which after 16 years & 126k miles we've still got and it's still going strong.

Next, was possibly the worst GTI of so far in my opinion (but I never drove a MkIII GTI), an Indigo Blue MkIV 1.8T 3dr (W reg) - great on Motorways &/or A roads, but utter cr*p around the twisty bits and no bite to the engine either.

Sorry to say that turned me off GTI's and I became a Impreza WRX convert. However, when my partner decided to opt out of the company scheme (Ibiza 130 TDI Sport) and get her own car, amongst half a dozen other cars we tried a MkV GTI and that was it, she just had to have one.

Thankfully for peace & harmony at home (& on the strict understanding I could borrow it from time to time of coursegrin.gif), I didn't take much persuading and after a quick search on the internet we managed to get her new baby to order (3dr in Tornado Red with 18" monza ii's, cruise, winter pack & arm rest) within 9 weeks from an independent UK based import broker at a very attractive price.smlove2.gif

So far, 4 weeks in, we've both been very impressed and can't wait until it's fully run in so we can explore it's potential to the maximum. grin.gifgrin.gif


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Hi -

Have just ordered a new 5dr GTi (shadow blue) from an importer - on a very good price - traded from a Celica T Sport - which I have loved. Test drove a GTi though - and it put the Toyota to shame - so have to have the Golf...

Can anyone tell me about running in procedures - I assume I just treat it a bit gently for the first 1000 or so. Also is it true that they only run on superunleaded? I hear they can use oil - any truth? Guess I'll find these things out - but would kind of like to know.

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