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Welcome to the MkV Gti owners


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A Warm Welcome to Tyresmoke, Rob 169144-ok.gif.

If you've been lurking you'll already have some idea of this site's excellent resources and joyful banter!

Check out the Cleaning forum (I think) to see what you can find out about getting your car repaired. Alternatively, post a new thread. A photo of the damage will help us to help you.


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Hi Guys (and gals). been a lurker for a while.

Great forum. Been after a car for a while, but taken a while to save. Was a bit undecided as to what to buy but wanted something with a bit of zip. The test drive really sold it for me.

Finally ordered Golf GTI 30 edition, reflex silver, Xenons, MFSW & RCD 500 grin.gif Hopefully built this week, according to dealer, with delivery mid march.can't wait jump.gif

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Thanks for the welcome.

Getting more excited each day. Also test drove the Audi S3 and Golf GTI back to back. The golf pushed my buttons more than the audi (although both are great cars). Dealer asked if I would be interested in test driving a 30 edition when the demo arrived -could not say no. ECLIPSe.gif One of the reasons for choosing 30 editon was v long delays (according to dealer) for delivery of standard gti, but also the spec I would have choosen for gti would have been at least as much for 30 edition. so it was a bit of a no-brainer for me suicide.gif

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Ok i'm a newbie,I've got an 07 gti dsg in grey, got a few options and mods done already.I'll post up some pics from OE show.

I've lurked for a while,met Red Robin @ OE,he liked my recaro's

I've had ll vw and still own a mk2 vr6 track weapon and a mk1 rolling shell,rainy day project.


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