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Performance chip for 2004 Touareg V6


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Its not a chip you order and stick in...... its a remap to the existing software, so you pop along, have a cup of tea and wait while they twiddle and tweak your existing code and you drive away with some extra power!!

Other companies do 'chips' but re-maps are a better option as they don't require the ECU to be pulled apart and you can always switch back to stock from a remap where as a replacement chip is usually much more difficult to revert back from.


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Because of the distances involved, most US tuning companies offer an ECU swap-out deal. I don't reckon I'd travel to Scotland (no I'm not being cheeky Brett - I'm from the Borders originally!) just to get the remap done, so if that's where AmD (or whoever) was based, then I'd choose the swap-out ECU option. 169144-ok.gif

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