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Optimax is up again?


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Cheapest I've seen is 96.9, typically 98.9.

The thing that gets me is that it is now typically 7-8p a litre more than unleaded whereas before recent troubles it was 6p.

Ironic when during the panic buy week I had a chat with the owner of my local Shell station and he said quote ' everyone is after unleaded, no chance of Optimax running out as we always have loads of that in reserve'

I would imagine this to be the case in many stations, so why are we now paying more for it when it is used less then unleaded and us Optimax user are probably still using the same reserves that were there before the fuel 'crisis'.

Profitering??? sekret.gif

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80 litres on quattros, 70 on the FWD models. Still not as big as the 92 litre tank on the A8.

I get between 600 and 700 miles out of the 3.0. You can have the 80 litre tank on the 2.0TDi as an option. I recon 1000 miles should be pretty easy.

[/ QUOTE ]

Tell my wallet about the A8's huge fuel tank! grin.gif I only get about 300 to 330 miles out of it as well... UHOH7.GIF

Why would anyone want a smaller tank option? It doesn't add any extra boot space does it? confused.gif

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