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Hello all,

Today I was lucky enough to drive a Mk5 GTi, not just any GTi though, it was Red Robin's GTi with those lovely quad Miltek's notworthy.gif

I already have DSG in my A3 TDi so I was quite used to that but it was in every way a different drive!

The acceleration was so smooth and it felt really quick!!! I really was impressed at how fast it felt, being someone elses car I was never going to drive it like a test drive but I went into a few corners with a good pace and was surprised at how well it handled ECLIPSe.gif my A3 doesnt handle that well!

Thise Miltek exhausts made a great noise!, we had the sunroof open and I could hear the purr, it wasnt too noisy and didnt drone which was great!

All in all I was really impressed by the car, it felt very fast and nimble and that Pioneer Satnav unit is a great added extra!

Thankyou for trusting me to drive your car Robin, a great experience notworthy.gifbeerchug.gif

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