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E46 Cd stuck in changer

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Hi, i've got a CD stuck in my E46 coupe CD changer (its the boot mounted changer).

Its happened a couple of times before, but usually a few days driving (plus some jiggling of the cartridge in between) will shake something loose and the cartridge will come out.

But its now been stuck for 2 months, and its really beginning to piss me off! frown.gif

The scenario was the same as usuall. I selected a CD and it showed up on the display as selected but never played. After this everytime I selected CD MODE it showed that CD as selected. But I couldnt change CD's and the CD wouldnt play.

So I tried to eject the cartridge and it didn't come out. System now shows as no cartridge/CD present. Cartridge wont come out.

Any ideas?

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No idea about specifics - but I had similar problems with my old Pioneer 12 Disc unit... The CD transport would jam as it moved up and down. There should be a reset button somewhere - might be that you have to unmount the unit and look at the bottom for one of those pinhole reset jobbies 169144-ok.gif

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