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X5 on ebay: April 2005 BIN Price £19000


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Just got an email back from the guy - apparently the car and the guy are in spain and he actually wants £22k for it (despite the £19k BIN on ebay!!).

He reckons the extra £3k is for delivery and insurance to the UK.

hang on...got another email from him...

my god...he has sent me more pictures of the car and has provided contact details for the copmany apparently holding the car in spain.

He is either very plausible or reckons he's got a sucker here!!!!

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The seller has hacked the page - although I'm not sure what he's gaining by it.

A first glance looks like the whole top section is one GIF (graphic) file, but it isn't. The text and images are separate, and he has overlaid a repeated transparent 1 pixel x 1 pixel GIF.

If you look at his HTML, you can see how he has positioned this GIF and the area it covers:

var frameWidth = 2048;

var frameHeight = 2096;

document.write('<div id="divTst" style="background: transparent;position: absolute; z-index: 1000; top: 0; left: 0; width: ' + frameWidth +'px; height: ' + frameHeight + 'px"><a href="mailto:'+ email + '?Subject=' + subject +'"><img src="http://www.jacl.org/images/blank.gif" width="' + frameWidth +'" height="' + frameHeight + '" border="0" title="CLICK TO E-MAIL ME"></a></div>');

But why has he done this?

There's no doubt it's dodgy.


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