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Audi Sat nav/cd Language problem

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It is most likely the unit's language is in German as this is waht a lot of them that are bought from Poland are set as -

This is for the VW version but should be about the same

From the menu, use the right hand knob and select the last item "Einstellungen" (settings) by pressing the knob.

Another menu will appear.

Pick the first item, "Sprache wählen" (select language) and press the right hand knob.

In the menu that appears, you will have several languages to choose from, - "Englisch (Imperial)" is what you are looking for.

If it really is in Polish you will probably need to use an on-line translation if you can't guess similar words



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I have 2004 travelPilot cd inserted, but i think it's a Polish Version(it's a copy). ( would this disc change the language for the entire unit, including the cd and radio?

I've found the language change menu which changes the text and audio voice for all other languages but the English option (which has "Imperial" in brackets after it) only changes the audio to English keeping the text in Polish. There is a Polish option that changes the audio into Polish aswell.???????????

Any ideas where i can get a proper/copy English English disc, or someone who could e-mail the data for which i could burn my own disc?

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