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VAG-COM near St.Albans, Herts, anyone?


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As per subject line, really. My S3 has had an intermittent engine-management light appearance (it comes, it goes, it seems not to affect performance) for about 3 months.

I took it to a local independant who charged me £35 to tell me little more than I knew already; it's probably something to do with cooling but more than that he could not say.


Would like someone who can actually use the thing to assist, please.

Can come to you if needed.



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Hi there

got a Bora TDi 130 with more gremlins than a blockbuster...got me own vag-com stuff but I need the real deal to sort the car out. I'm based in Bishops Stortford, and I would be willing to sort out "some copius amount of Beer" to do the deeds...When are you available for me to pop down ......at your convienience....?

Much appreciated, can txt call on 07977 493 491

all the best


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Blimey. An old thread brought back to life.

Since I'm only about 8 miles away I'm likely to be the closest with the "real deal".

I'll try and ring tomorrow but I'm out on my motorbike most of the day.


I'm in need of vag-com scan to clear the emissions light thats popped up on my A2 after taking out the ABS fuse (it's a long story!) any chance for even more copius amounts of beer?

I'm in Stansted but work in Harlow and finsih at 4.45pm most days but willing to come whenever is convenient for you.

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