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VW Golf 1.9 GT TDi - 60K service


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Dear all,

I just had a service on my GOLF and had the CAM Belt changed as well. The reason for having the service done, was that the engine oil light came on last week, so l thought it was best to maintain the car. When l filled the oil engine, to dispel the engine oil light, l noticed that the oil was black (from the dip-stick), l expected this to be a little brown at least.

I pulled out the dip-stick to check the oil, after the service today, and its still black. Now, l would have assumed this would be golden brown after a service. Am I missing something here, on a GOLF TDI, is the engine oil black or golden brownish,

If its black after a service, and the mechanics detected nothing wrong with the car, wat would have caused it to become black? Is there an issue with it being black?

Many thanks for reading this, sori its a bit dull of a question, but it would clarify my thoughts with your help on this query

thanks again... smashfreakB.gif

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Welcome to Tyresmoke Charlie 169144-ok.gif

I used to run a couple of GT TDIs and my better half runs a Passat with the same engine.

The engine oil on diesels tends to turn black after a few thousand miles, more so on turbo'd engines, but it shouldn't be black as soon as it's been changed. confused.gif

Don't worry about asking "dull" questions, as you put it - that's the whole point of TsN.

One of the VW techs will be along shortly to add more input to this.


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When you say the engine oil light came on do you mean the service light or just that the oil was low?

Are you on regular or timed servicing?

The thing is when they drain the oil, unless it is thoroughly flushed out (I don't think this is done), small amounts of old oil will still remain when the new oil is poured in which will mix and show up on the dipstick.

The oil being black means that it is doing its job properly (ie. to provide lubrication and to collect carbon deposits etc) Obviously, it gets to the stage where it is best to replace it as it is no longer doing it as efficiently but this is normally down to regular service intervals.

The oil being black after being serviced depends on how black is black. Is it exactly the same shade as before? Did you get it serviced somewhere reputable? (If such a place exists) I would expect the oil to by lighter in colour than before but perhaps not exactly as it is out of the bottle.

If you are on timed servicing (Your car tells you when it needs doing) ALWAYS make sure to top up with the correct oil otherwise this will increase the frequency of services.

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thanks for the info guys.

I have always serviced my car on regular intervals, after 5000 miles, as l do alot of motorway mileage.

I topped the engine oil first, before the service, as the engine oil light appeared on the dash. So, filled it will some 5/40 Engine Oil from Shell. I noticed that the oil was very black, so l thought l'd get it serviced.

I tend to get it serviced from the local garage, they have done work on my brothers cars, which are all GOLFS. So thats the reason for going with them.

So this week, l managed to get it serviced and l thought to myself, after the service, to check the dip-stick and it was the same colour before the service. If there is nothing to wori about thats fine, but my initial impressions were that the engine oil would have been a little lighter than before. But in actual fact seems to be the same colour.

I appreciate all your thoughts, its nice to get such a response for my first post and thanks to you all for responding. I dont have much car knowledge, so l thought l'd ask the experts and people that known their stuff about VWs.

thanks again!

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Just re-read your last post and you mention you do a lot of motorway miles. This is probably the best type 'miles' you can do in your car as the engine is running at more or less a constant speed, no gear changes etc, nice temperature.

The wear on an engine/car is far greater if driving in town than on the motorway.

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