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White cars, just say no!


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White appears to be "in" at the moment.

There have been a couple of pics posted of new expensive cars in white. And the other day I saw a Jaguar S Type in white.

Stop it people, it's just a fad and it's horrible! Remember a couple of years ago when colours like lime green were breifly "cool"? Not now are they. crazy.gif

White is for base model Ford Escorts, police cars or minicabs and wedding cars.

It is not the "new silver", it is plain and dull and lifeless and cheap. And it look terrible on decent cars.

The only expensive car that ever got away with white was the Lotus Esprit of the 70's (the angular first one).

Just say no to white. NONO3.GIF

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Like I've posted in the other thread. I agree, for the UK they just look wrong. When my parents went out to Dubai & my old man said he'd bought a white Range Rover I thought he'd lost the plot. But having been over there, seen the climate etc etc, I can see the logic. If it's sunny & hot 90% of the time, the car stays clean and it's not a Datsun Cherry of a car, then I think whites ok.

But the UK hardly meets the criteria. I heard recently of an M3 in white being supplied in the UK, it had Imola Red interior too. I reckon the owner never drives it out here, or is constantly washing the fecker.


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What about the MKV VW Gti? I think white suits it very well. 169144-ok.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Nooo it's just a this year faddy trendy colour.

It only works cos it's "different". And as soon as there are one or two about it'll just be very very plain. crazy.gif

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