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Free Winter Check from Janspeed


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OK, so I am in no way connected with Janspeed, but following a very successful .:R32 rolling road day that Smudge and I organised back in August (I think!) at Janspeed in Salisbury, Kathryn Brown rang me today to see if I could post this up.

As well as full stainless exhausts for just about anything, as well as a lot of custom stuff and engine rebuilds, they have started providing services for German cars (see the flyer below).

As an intro to all TsN members, they will provide you with a free winter check when you go in for a service. I've no idea what this involves, but I guess it includes pressure and fluid checks etc.


And while you're there, you can take a look at one of the first MG prototypes which they still have in the factory from when MG Rover gave it to them to build the exhast system. For obvious reasons, it's never been collected.




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