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an odd noise


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hi, this is one of my first posts here so forgive me if it's in the wrong area. i have a '01 a4 tdi sport. owned for the last 4 weeks. in the last few weeks i've noticed a buzzing/humming noise when i reach about 60mph or when the revs are at about 2000. i thought at first i may have got a pinhole in the exhaust but since it only happens above 60mph and 200rpm i kinda ruled that out. i only really noticed after i was forced over on to the kerb and pinched my front left wheel. its not loud but its right on the edge of hearing it. this is the first diesel that i've owned so i'm not sure of all the noises that are coming from it yet. i'm kinda worried that it may be the gearbox but there is only 69k on the clock. any help greatly appreciated.


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