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Dodge Viper & others


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Sorry I didn't get any pictures today but everything I saw seemed to be heading in the opposite direction!

Dodge Viper - red with graphite stripes - heading South on the M1 around Jct.18.

Bentley Continental GT - silver - heading South on the M1 around Jct.25.

Ferrari 328 (GTB I think) - red - heading South on the M1 around Jct.30.

Porsche 911 GT2 - silver - a few cars in front of me in a traffic jam and then it disappeared into the distance when the road cleared (Northbound, M1/Leeds split).

Aston Martin DB9 - black - heading Southbound on the A1(M) around the A19(N) junction.

and finally....

A very very wide looking Porsche 911 in white with the full Martini stripe thingies on it. Looked mint, 993 I believe, and I was upon it before I spotted it properly and then it took the slip road down towards Chester-le-Street on the A1(N).

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