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Milltek FAQs....


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As I'm possibly one of the first GTI owners to have fitted Millteks and am certainly vocally enthusiastic about them, I receive a fair amount of PMs asking me specifics about them. No problem about this....I'm flattered....But I thought it more useful to more people to share all this publicly in the forum by updating it into one post.

Think of the Milltek system as having 3 components, starting at engine end first:

1) - Cat-back or Turbo-back.

2) - Resonated or Non-Resonated section.

3) - Exhaust Twinpipes or Quads exit.

Whereas the Cat-back adds approx 8-10 bhp, the Turbo-back (aka Hi-flow with Downpipe) adds 15-20 bhp to standard (therefore 220 max) and they both subtley improve throttle response. The Hi-flow is so named because it is specifically designed by Milltek for turbocharged engines and, furthermore, will much more efficiently exploit any re-mapping IF done. It is obviously better to fit the exhaust first and then re-map afterwards so that the graphs are known.

Anyone intending to re-map should most definitely get the Turbo-back version. As a result of working with all the established tuners it has been Milltek's experience to date that the standard Mk5 GTI platform has got generous 'headroom' for modding up to around 250-ish bhp without any suspension or brake mods. Mtm/qst in particular have worked very closely with the VAG group in Germany from very early stages.

Loudness? - It so happens that my system after next Wednesday will be the loudest available with Millteks....NOT by intention but only because of how it has evolved and this is also due in part to the generous offers I have received. If my Turbo-back + Non-Res system is too loud for me I can then replace my Non-Res section with a new Resonated section but it potentially saves me money to continue step by step.

"Do they drone?" - There is a tendency to 'drone' in the 3,200-3,500 rev band but only while those revs are held as constant without any variation. Pedalling it either way will stop the drone and it is a small price to pay for the other benefits. It's extremely easy to move away from any drone but I suppose that if you set Cruise to a speed which held 3,300 revs then you would induce droning. I personally don't like or use Cruise so I haven't tried this. I don't like anything that reduces my control of speed.

"How loud is it?" is a very subjective question I keep being asked! If you refer to the info below giving decibel comparisons you will see that no Milltek is especially loud and is better described as sporty and you can attempt to assess how it fits in with what you have already experienced (standard relative to whichever). The sound will become fractionally louder after approx 1,000 miles when the pipes 'mature'.

Standard VW exhaust = 89 dB

Milltek Cat-back + Resonated = 91 dB* (*Not tested)

Cat-back + Non-Resonated = 93.8 dB

Turbo-back + Resonated = 94.9 dB

Turbo-back + Non-Resonated = 97.1 dB

All the above, except marked*, were tested at half-metre away at 75% max revs. For Quads add 1 dB to each.

Boy-racer exhausts are probably around 110-115 dB and some louder still and are also distorted rather than a true sweet sound (like Millteks - plug, plug 169144-ok.gif ).

It really is extremely difficult to create accurate enough sound files which don't potentially mislead someone who is seriously considering getting Millteks.

Some approved Milltek suppliers will fit the system free of labour charges.

I'm not a qualified expert on any exhausts and am only sharing my experience with a Mk5 GTI fitted with Millteks originally as a real world driving aid but with added small performance benefits.


Quads are an exclusive special and necessitate an aftermarket rear valance. Mine is an Abt.

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I would have to ask Milltek (which I can easily do) to be able to accurately answer your three questions. I recall from my conversation with them that a stand was used and that the sound measuring device was common to all tests. In other words they were and still are keen to provide accurately comparative data.

I had a conversation with them today about recording the various exhaust sounds and they were agreeing with me about how very difficult it is to do so accurately and meaningfully. It will even sound different according to the system we play the sound file on. For example, it's very like colour: Each one of us will see a different rendering on our monitors of what may be scientifically the same colour specification.

Although I am not a representative of Milltek, I feel very confident that I am correct in writing that the only purpose of such recordings would be for customers to be better able to decide which system to order from a sound point of view. I really would not feel comfortable to make a recording, post it here, consequently be a major influence in whether someone bought a Resonated or Non-Resonated version and then heard that that someone was unhappy about the loudness or sound.

The bottom line is that in both my experience and others both here and other TSN forums, Millteks are NOT boy-racer or wake-up-your-neighbours products, they are primarily performance exhausts which also improve the exhaust sound. In the case of the Mk5 GTI, that sound becomes sportier and more growly but will always be limited to that of a 4-pot engine. It's no secret that Milltek will have a Mk5 R32 exhaust ready very soon 169144-ok.gif V6 Yum-Yum 169144-ok.gif .

The only option to change the sound level is to choose either Resonated or Non-Resonated. Otherwise, either travel to where you can hear one (I took Jennifer and Chris out in my car at Castle Combe so they could hear it) or take the plunge.

Geoff, it would help me if you could tell me more about why you would like answers to these questions. I need to fully understand any question I ask of someone, especially a specialist.

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It's with been involved with Audio its nice to know what equipment was used its accuracy as some can have wild accuracy levels for +- also would be nice to know if that's dBA or dBC weighted scale. It's mainly so i can compare with my Mk1 after-market exhaust as im missing the throaty growl already but don't want it loudish


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Dont mean that at all, all I am saying is that he obviously wants to know specifics. You will ask and give him the feed back but from this feed back he may have further questions, whereas if he calls them himself he will be able to get all the answers in one hit.

Anyone can contact Milltek, they are a normal company just like any other and will answer their customers or potential customers queries.

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i would think the absolute dB levels of the sound are slightly pointless references. Without knowing how far away the mic was (sound level drops off 3dB every time distance from source is doubled), and where it was positioned, it doesn't really tell you anything. All it does tell you is the difference in dBs between the different options, which providing the same method is used each time, will be accurate.

This also means it doesn't really matter which equipment/scale was used. I would imagine it was dBA - that is the normal scale for loudness as it reflects the response of the human ear.

It also means that it's slightly redundant quoting a 110-115 for 'boy racer' exhausts.

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The dB data from Milltek I posted gave relative readings and, as you rightly point out, may not be the definitive accurate sound levels. The point of my obtaining this data was in response to people continually asking "how loud and are they boy-racerish?" (I have lots of PMs with this question). As I posted, the tests were all done at a fixed distance and at common revs.

I agree that it's absolutely essential that each test is consistently carried out so that all the data readings are relative to each other. That is why the standard GTI's dB level was given....as a datum.

I agree that the 'boy-racer' 110-115 may be redundant and was not specifically arrived at as a result of the same tests. It was given as a clue to the relative loudness and perhaps I should apologise for not making this more clear. I assumed it would be realised.

The actual numbers are meaningless to me but I can easily deduce a relative loudness to the standard exhaust. Quite honestly I think that the whole subject is slightly academic - Millteks are primarily a performance aid, also a driving aid and simply are NOT boy-racerish in their sound. In my opinion and others who have them fitted, they do nothing but subtley enhance and improve both sound and performance.

In my opinion, anyone who is so bothered by such a subtle increase in sound level ought to have chosen a different type of car to drive. There may be one or two GTI drivers who don't think Millteks are loud enough....I know a couple of local lads who are real Chavs and really do drive very heavily modded and very loud cars and who do live in Council Houses and wear the clothes and might be inclined to violence and their opinion is that my Millteks sound "very sporty mate" but not loud. They all love the look of the Quads of course!

The whole point of my post giving sound level data was about it being RELATIVE (Not shouting at 110dB, just emphasising).

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