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MINI options, how much????


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Just pricing up a new MINI Cooper out of interest (don't ask!)

Now I've always thought these were excellent value cars, fun funky little hatchback for twelve and a bit thousand.

But to spec one up to a reasonable standard (and I'm talking just the basics to make it a nice car, 17 inch alloys not 18 inch, no xenons, no full leather, no sat nav, so not mad just reasonable) I've totted up nearly six thousand pounds worth of options!!! EEK2.GIF

Thats half the value of the car again in bringing it up to a nice (not over the top) spec!

And I'm sure there are more options that I'd want that weren't on the site. Didn't see an option for front spots, didn't see an option for body kit (which look great on MINI's) even though one of their "suggested spec" examples had this (and confirmed the price at over £1,000).

If I got a bit generous on the spec and wanted these things and maybe xenons and leather I'd be well north of £20K for a supposedly £12K car!! (Remember, we're talking basic Cooper here, not Cooper S or cabrio).

Even the flippin alarm is an option!

I'm flabbergasted. blush.gif

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Yeah the chilli pack is great value, especially on the Cooper S.

But to be honest a decent spec S will set you back 18K. Still its good value for a great little car.

[/ QUOTE ]

Yep, specced Chilli. A decent spec Cooper (not S!) is over £18K Dave... crazy.gif

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Well my previous lady friend, bought a Mini one, which we took to AMD tongue.gif I then bought seperatly the bonnet and roof graphics and sourced a set of the 17" Cooper S alloys (the common ones these days) and had the one specced with aircon fogs and a few other bits and I believe it all came in under 13k for more than cooper performance.

It can be done but you have to do things the right order, and not necessarily with your dealer crazy.gif

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Here you go, this is what I came up with.

Note, no sat nav, no xenons, 17 inch alloys not 18 inch, half leather not full leather, no spots, no bodykit, no roof graphics, not even an alarm... crazy.gif


General Price

MINI Cooper 1.6 4-Cyl 16V £12,395.00

Hyper Blue £275.00

Clth/Lea OCTAGON Red/Blk £0.00

CHILI Pack £1,300.00

- 17" Web Spoke Alloys £850.00

- 3 Spoke Spts Lea St Wheel £0.00

- Chrome Line Exterior £0.00

- Front Foglights £0.00

- Interior Light Package £0.00

- Pass. Seat Height Adj. £0.00

- Radio BOOST £0.00

- Rear spoiler £0.00

- Sport Seats - Front £0.00

- Storage Compartment Pack £0.00

- Trip Computer £0.00

- Velour Floor Mats £0.00

6 Disc CD Boot Changer £290.00

Air Conditioning Auto £850.00

Central Rev. Counter £0.00

Darkened Glass £120.00

Dynamic Stability Control £320.00

Elec Panoramic Glass Roof £600.00

Front Centre Arm Rest £85.00

Front Seat Heating £190.00

Harman Kardon - Hi-Fi £350.00

Head Airbags-Front & Rear £200.00

Heated Mirrors/Washerjets £40.00

ISOFIX Child Seat System £0.00

Park Distance Control £200.00

Pass Airbag Deactivation £0.00

Roof&Mirror Caps in White £0.00

Single CD Player £0.00

Smoker Package £0.00

Sports suspension PLUS £0.00

White Bonnet Stripes £50.00

White Indicator Lenses £50.00

Total Price £18,165.00

[/ QUOTE ]

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Oh, and I'd absolutely want the bodykit and front spots, so figure in another £1,000+.

Basically nearly £20K for a Cooper (not Cooper S or Cabrio, just the basic 0-60 in 9.2 secs Cooper).

Thats 2.0 litre turbo 200hp Golf GTI money! smashfreakB.gif

(Yes I know the Golf would then need options, but somehow it needs a hell of a lot less than the MINI).

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and if you change to an s with the chili pack, what's the difference?

[/ QUOTE ]

It costs even more! smashfreakB.gif

And, as Riz says, all the running costs, fuel, insurance etc go up, which negates the whole point of a small cheap funky fun car in the first place... crazy.gif

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we have a good spec cooper S. Metallic, chilli pack, air con, part leather, split rim alloys, a few toys and its 18K.

I did do one for myself and got to £22K. Which is a bit excessive. The mini website is not as accurate as it could be IMO.

[/ QUOTE ]

That's crazy money for a Mini . blush.gif

I wouldn't even consider one - A late bulid Clio 182 (with cup suspension) is twice the drivers car and Renault were doing some great deals too.

Alas now out of production though.......

BUB frown.gif

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My sister has a 2004 regular Cooper, it's the hardest riding car I've ever driven or been a passenger in. Feels like the suspension is made of concrete. Is the 'S' the same?

[/ QUOTE ]

It is a frim ride in the S but nothing that feels uncomfortable even for a passenger.

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Looking at your spec, there's room for some cutting of cost you know.

Harman Kardon - not worth the cash, and means you can't upgrade the hifi without it being a major pain in the butt.

Parking sensors - look out the back window. The bumper stops there......

6 Cd Autochanger - get your local ICE shop to put one in for lot less.

Auto Air-Con - get the manual air-con as the auto isn't worth any more when you come to flog the thing.

White indicators - get some from a specialist mini supplier and save a bit as well.

The thing with the Mini's is that people think they are bomb proof with respect to depreciation. Perhaps that was the case originally but now with the new version around the corner and with Cooper's available second hand for well under £9500, oversupply is now a factor. The dealers will quote you waiting times and not give much discount (about £500 at the most although most just offer the TLC pack as free) but by dint of the fact that there are so many of the buggers out there, there is no need to pay top whack.

I do agree that the options on it are a bit crackers mind. However, get the metallic, Chilli Pack, 1/2 leather option and then source the rest out from specialist suppliers and you're minimising (apologies for the pun) the hit.

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Good advice, but I'd definitely want the HK, and dropping the rest is still only going to knock a grand off at best.

I think I've discovered the sectret to the MINI's "awesome" residuals. People see year old examples selling for £12K and think thats fantastic, £12K new, sell for £12K in a year, zero depriciation. However it appears they're £18K new in reality if you want a few creature comforts off the options list like seats and a steering wheel... crazy.gif

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