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V R32 Test Drive Crash


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Info taken from r32-rules.de.

To give a brief outline of what happened: On Friday the poster's wife borrowed a Mk V R32 from a local dealer for a specially arranged test drive. The plan was to stash the motor in their garage and surprise her R32 obsessed husband on Saturday morning (he currently drives a V6 4motion). As she was driving back home, the car in front emergency stopped and the R unavoidably rear-ended the stationary Peugeot (with tow bar!!) frown.gif. Damage included:

1. Number plate, bumper and sill dented

2. Splintered air intake/grill

3. Crumpled bonnet

4. Damaged Headlight

With a €1500 Euro 'test drive' excess it has turned out to be a great surprise!! Although, the insurance issue has yet to be sorted, the dealer has been pretty cool and basically said that these things happen and they can get their test drive as soon as the car has been repaired - nice guy 169144-ok.gif!

Shame about the car though! frown.gif


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What, massive brakes all round, stop on a dime type car and she 'unavoidably' hit the car in front!

Hmmmm...... I've a couple of emergency stops in my R32 and it pulls up well in advance of the 'issue', so much so I;m worried the guy behind won't stop in time.

Glad to hear of a nice dealer has a nice attitude to the situation.


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