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[Audi A3/S3] Loss of Power


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My S3 has started cutting out/loosing power when under heavy accelaration - ie. overtaking etc. It seems to have got worse the last few hundred miles. No dash lights come on. It feels like it either looses fuel or air or something, like it suddenly has 3 cylinders & power of a plastic pig.

Could it be the MAF?? (been reading other posts.) Totally skint so could do without major cost, just approaching service too.

Another problem - it keeps blowing the fuse that controls the door locks and radio activation on ignition key removal - any ideas?

Thanks guys. Ade.

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Could well be a MAF, i wouldnt bother trying to clean it, id just service exchange it.

as ISOPROPANOL, is NOT user friendly stuff.

its a a volatile solvent and degreaser, and will happily DEGREASE/DISOLVE FAT IN YOU, and is quickly absorbed into the skin.



google for either...

isopropyl alcohol =


Isopropanol =


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measures airflow.

via an exposed element or wire.

one way of testing to see if its shot, is try a test drive with it disconnected.

if it runs better (but dont expect full performance) then its a good chance Maf is knackered.

maf's can fail in so many ways so this method doesnt always show it.

sometimes the drift off, and its hard to tell, as no error codes

othertimes they fail totally and give error codes

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