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N/S wing trim missing


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Last year, blast through the snow and slush over the moors roads I hit a fairly big puddle, maybe 8" deep. Water, whoosh, bit of a pull to the left, but never thought anything of it.

Got to work and the water balsting out of the wheel arch has pushed the short silver & chrome trim off the wing in to a snow covered ditch somewhere. shocked.gif

Did go back to try and find it, but to no avail. Been looking everywhere for a replacement part - and have seen some other A8's with it missing so can only assume the psuh fit needs a bit of glue behind it to secure.

Anyone know where I can get a replacement part from? Its a '99 face lift silver sport 2.8 tip.

I also want to get hold of the gearbox filter, will try and ring GSF today, but they don't seem to list it on their web site.

again any help....


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