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2x new vids of R32 Vs Opel Astra OPC & BMW 130i


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Check out these 2 cheeky little vids from German TV (german commentary i'm affraid)

The MK 5 R definately rules the new breed of hot-hatches!

They really rate it.

Arg, perhaps with your perfect German you could jot down some of the commentary in a post so everyboady gets a taste of what they are saying....?

I'm sure it would be really appreciated 169144-ok.gif





Tony Mac.

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The Beamer was quick, and they reckon it had the best engine 169144-ok.gif

The R32 was marked down due to high fuel consumption smashfreakB.gif but marked up for the high levels of grip.

They had nothing good to say about the opel other than the price smashfreakB.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Thats cos it does have the best engine.... shame they put it into a bog ugly car!


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