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Climatronic - what else does it do?


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My first post tho' I've been reading for a while.

I have a w-plate polo gti in red - the fastest colour as I understand it! - and my girlfriend has somehow managed to change the climatronic setting from centigrade to farenheit - dunno how - maybe she knocked her handbag off it or dropped her lipstick. Either way, does anyone know how i can correct it, and if there are any other hidden functions that I don't know about?

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Yes it can be changed, but you have to admit that silver is by far the fastest colour tongue.gif

You need to either get a vagcom unit plugged in, or hold down the cold button, fan down button and press econ mode button all at the same time, then scroll through to the appropriate program setting and press the up or down fan button to change it. I'll give you more info once I've found out the specifics 169144-ok.gif

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Ok here is a translation of what some of the codes are for :

00 Total placing value, 0 = max. cool, 255 = max. heat

01 Temperature instrument panel (at the operating sector of the Climatronic)

02 Sun exposure index averaged

03 Sun exposure index in mW/cm²

04 Temperature bumper averaged

05 Temperature bumper current value

06 Temperature fresh air suction port

07 Leaking out temperature floor space

08 Leaking out temperature center

09 Desired value blower tension

10 Actual value of blower tension in 10-1 V

11 Temperature flap, 0 = max. warmly, 255 = max. coldly)

12 Central flap, 0 = floor space more /Defroster, 255 = center

13 Stagnation pressure flap, 0 = circulating air, 255 = fresh air

14 floor space /Defrosterklappe, 0 = windshield, 255 = floor space

15 Time since engine start in Skeunden

16 Speed in km/h

17 ? goes from negative (cool) or from positive (to heat) to 0

18 ? mostly = 0, if also radiator exhaust turns on very hot in such a way rates around the 68

19 Compressor switching off condition, 0 = none, 5 = number of revolutions too low, 6 = ECON, 7 = OFF, 11 =?, 12 =?

20 ? Control parameters 0 to 100, 100 = max. cool or heat

21 ? begins with 0

22 ? Control parameter, small worth around the 0

23 Actual value of leaking out temperature center

24 Desired value leaking out temperature center

25 Temperature flap notice warmly

26 Actual value of temperature flap

27 Temperature flap notice coldly

28 Central flap notice Fussraum/Defroster

29 Actual value of central flap

30 Central flap notice center

31 Stagnation pressure flap notice circulating air

32 Actual value of stagnation pressure flap

33 Stagnation pressure flap notice fresh air

34 floor space /Defrosterklappe notice Defrost.

35 Actual value floor space /Defrosterklappe

36 floor space /Defrosterklappe notice floor space

37 Service life in minutes, (ignition out) 0 to 240 min.

38 ? = 20

39 Time since ignition on in 4 seconds. Clock

40 Offset

I'll keep searching through the archives though 169144-ok.gif

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You havent got to do anything like that. All you have to do is press 2 buttons together. If i remeber rightly press the "econ" and "auto" button together at the same time for a second or two and the display should change back to °c. If this doesnt work reply back and ill check it out but you havent got to plug it in to Vag-com or anything daft.

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