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[Audi A3/S3] A3 valuation


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My company is trying to force me into taking a company car by reducing our allowances etc and generally being a pain in the bum so I might be forced into selling the A3. Anyway, have no idea how much I should advertise it for and what would be reasonable to accept for it. I am not in a major hurry to sell (by Jan would be ideal) but advice would be appreciated.

Spec below.

Ex demonstrator with 3 previous owners

2001 A3 T Quattro 5 door

41k miles with full VAG history

17inch wheels

black with full Tan leather interior

6 CD BOSE Symphony stereo

Audi Sat Nav (factory fit)

xenon headlights

climate control

.....basically every extra bar center arm rest……

10 months MOT

immaculate in and out,

only problem is rev counter doesn’t want to play.

Any help appreciated


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But replacing the dash pod with another will screw the mileage.

you'll need to ge that re-set by a third party (wink wink nudge nudge) specialist.

Audi won't do that for you as they can't verify exact mileage. But get it done and don't mention it, that's my advice 169144-ok.gif

I had a dash pod installed on an 8v GTI once. As the pod was new, the mileage was zero'd. A problem for me as the car was low mileage anyway, so when i came to sell it it raised doubts with most buyers.

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All sounds like an expensive pain in the butt, especially as i will probably never get the outlay back when selling the car.... Might just hope that the person loves the car and dosnt feel the rev counter is of major importance....

changing pods then arguing in the street about if i have tried to clock the car dosnt sound much fun! Thanks for the advice though! 169144-ok.gif

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