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[Audi A3/S3] Windsor meet


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Not going to be able to make this month I'll be celebbrating the big 3 0. Perhaps people can give you their views here instead??

I owned a post facelift Nogaro Blue S3 for over 3 years, and without a shadow of a doubt its tbe best car i've owned (Had to downgrade due to hike in mileage).

The car out the box is pretty good already, but as soon as you give the engine some more ponies it comes alive no idea, has a real urgency about itself. The quattro system (Haldex) allows you get get the power down pretty well, almost faultlessly inface.

Handling can be an issue for some people feeling its a bit 'wallowy', however this can betified with the aid of adjustable shocks/tie bars etc. This is a mod I didnt do but would of had I had the car longer.

Depending on how you drive and whehter you'll track your car or not then you might find the standard brakes not quite up to the job with 'spirited' road driving. There are various combos around to aid this, the Porsche one being the daddy of the upgrade IMO. Yes it's a big outlay but you will get what you pay for, especially if you intend to track it.

Other than that, the S3 is a car that will give you great enjoyment without having to spend the earth now.

Things to look out for?

Coil pack failure (common accross the VAG 1.8T range)

Worn front ARB bushes(covered under stealer warranty but can cost about £300 to have sorted)

Xenon lights not self leveling (numerous parts can be at fault),

Dirty or faulty MAF (common amonst the lower VAG engines, £80 replacement and about 5 mins to fit)

In the 4 years i've been knocing about forums i've only heard of 2 turbos going, costing around £1200 to have replaced. The S3 will on average do about 25-30Mpg, so is very ecomincal for something that's quite spritely IMO.

Servicing costs, anything from 250-400 depending on Dealer and whether you'll need to have a Haldex Oil and filter change (Every 20k or 2 years).

Hopefully thats of some use to you, If i've missed anything then i'm sure the others will shout.


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Is anyone taking their S3 to the Windsor meet as I would like to have a chat to the owners and get a feel for what I should be looking for and to see what you really think about your cars. What do you think?


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grin.gif Welcome ! Check the Windsor meet thread in the meets section of the forum and see if Mollox is attending - his S3 is pretty rapid ! 169144-ok.gif

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