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Alfa 156 2.4 JTD , advice please?


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There ain't many problems with diesel Alfa's, and the JTD unit shouldn't let you down, it's quite a punchy unit. Add a Angeltune remap/new chip and you could leave a few drivers red faced. But here's what to look out for -

Engine mounts.

Rear suspension arms

Suspension bushes on the front, due to extra weight

Worn inner edge on tyres.

Engine hesitation - make sure it pulls cleanly and smoothly all the way to the red line.

I'd also change the timing belt too if it hasn't already been done, it's going to be expensive labour wise as there isn't much room in the engine bay. The oil should be changed every 8k.

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Anyone got any experience with these? A colleague has offered to sell me his, it a 2001 Veloce with 60k on the clock, for £5,250.

I like them, but I'm a bit concerned that it will give me nothing but grief!

Any experience/advice??

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A mate had one from new, did about 60k in it then sold it for a 3 series diesel. He longs for another, but he did say it was in the garage every single month for a fault of some sort, and had 2 engines replaced in that period .... be wary !

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