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Valet recommendations in/around London area?


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Hi guys, i'm about to buy a black Toyota Supra for a very decent price indeed grin.gif. The car is mechanically sound but the exterior could be in better condition. Below is a list of what I think is wrong:

Paint work

There are the usual swirl marks and fine scratches that need removing. It needs a polish and wax as the paint is a bit flat at the moment - I think a good mopping with one of those electric orbital machines is needed?

There are a couple of deep scratches on the driver door (I think the biggest one is 2 inches long) and a very small scuff on the front bumper where it meets the offside wing.


I think all 4 could do with a refurb - there's minor kerbing on the outer rim, but the inner rims have been kerbed more and there seems to be a bit of corrosion coming through (bubble effect)

I know there are some cowboys out there. Has anyone used a place that they could recommend. Is there a place that will undertake all the things i've mentioned above? I assume i'd have to get a valet to do the mopping, and then take it somewhere else for the deep scratches (chipsaway) and wheel refurb?


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The owners a member here 169144-ok.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

I only own a very small percentage.... SMOKE6.GIF

I'm the company's resident underpanter and computer nerd.

A few of the members here have used our services and nobody has accused us of being cowboys yet, if anybody has any complaints, they should contact Big Vinny in our complaints department. Please e-mail [email protected]

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Forgive me for skirting around the issue so far - but out of respect for Tyresmoke, I try not to advertize or solicit business on the forum.

You could do worse that e-mail some pictures to us, we can then get a rough idea. Or else you could just phone for a chat and then book in. We always agree a price before we start work, but it's hard to do without actually seeing the car, which is why we do an appraisal on the day. We will go over your options with you so you can choose services that are cost effective in raising the value of your car.

Pretty much all our prices are on our website (along with contact details), if you give us a call we can book you in for a silver valet, although on the day you may wish to upgrade or downgrade this. I seem to remember that Supra wheel are no problem to do, but there are limits to what we deep scratches depending on the severity, position and colour of the car. Swirl marks and light scratches are no problem.

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