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CTX S721A 17" TFT LCD Monitor


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My wife has just given me the all clear to replace my 17" CTX monitor with a snazzy 19" unit I've had my eyes on.

The CTX 17" unit has been used for about 18 months. It's in good condition and works perfectly.

Here's a crap and badly taken picture of it that I've just snapped off my mobile!


I don't think I still have the original box and the warranty has expired, but if I can find the box then I'll ship the monitor in it.

As I say, it's a perfectly good monitor with a very good display and has never let me down. The change is purely because I fancied a larger screen and she's made the mistake of telling me I can buy it.

I'll listen to reasonable offers but whoever gets it will have to wait 4-5 days until I've bought my new one before I ship it.

Post any offers in here but please bear in mind the cost of P&P when making your offer (the offer I accept will be the offer I deem okay to include P&P with - in other words I won't surprise you by saying I'm going to add £XX for postage).


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Hmm, I think it was about £230 but that was 18 months ago and the prices have dropped a lot since then of course.

It wasn't the cheapest by a long way, I know that, but nor was it the most expensive either.

I know it's worth a good deal less than half that now, with the price drops that the TFT market has seen, so any offers will be listened to (listened to that is, not necessarily accepted... grin.gif).

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