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Missus up the duff - what car now???


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Mrs Neo283 is up the duff! Bit of a shock and I'll be writing a strongly worded letter to Mr Durex, but on the whole we're happy happy.

Anyway, this is going to force me to chop in the A3 for something a bit more family orientated! We already have a nipper (2 years old), so the dreaded double buggy is on the cards too SAUER0421.GIF

Anyway, anyone got any suggestions on what to go for? Haven't got much of a budget, and would still like a bit of refinement. Criteria would probably as follows;

£5k or under

Big boot (estate?)

Deisel or petrol (no preference)

125+ bhp

No french dung.gif!

Was thinking perhaps an early Audi A4 or perhaps a Skoda Octavia? Expect to have to go high miles for a bit of quality which isn't a problem in the main.

Any suggestions appreciated! 169144-ok.gif

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Well, as soon as I found out my missus was up the duff, I started looking at the A4 Avant. To my surprise, she agreed on it's purchase. 11 weeks later, my baby was delivered. wink.gif

My previous car was a 3 door Stilo and I'm loving the Audi, even without the baby. The extra doors and larger boot have been great.

So if you have an A3 and need something bigger, then I would say an A4 or A4 Avant should be on your short list, if money permits.

Oh, and congratulations by the way. 169144-ok.gif It'll be a few months yet, but I can highly recommend a 4D scan of the sprog. We had one a few weeks back. It's amazing. I nearly cried. smlove2.gif

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I would recommend

VW Passat Estate TDI grin.gif / Audi A4 TDI cool.gif / Skoda Octavia Estate TDI laugh.gif

£5000 will get you a Ex company/lease car high mileage car


* Good MPG

* Full Dealer Service History

* Well maintained all its life

* Very safe and reliable

* If you get a TDI PD 130 bhp you get alot of mid range power

* A set of nice wheels and a touch on colour coding can make a nice looking car

* Loads of space for bady, push chair, Change bag etc etc tongue.gif


* Service cost's

* High mileage

* Handling is not great

* TDI engine nosie


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Firstly - Double buggy, with that age gap dont bother is my advice, ours has been used about 4 times, so an expensive extragance, plus none of them are very stylish either.

I'd keep you eye out for a Passat Estate, I picked up a 2.8 V6 (Audi lump) Syncro with 70k miles for around you budget, fantastic car, loads of toys, good quality leather (none of this leatherette stuff they use nowadays), 200+ bhp cant ask for much more. It is an old car now though, as you are looking at around 98 ish, after then they got the VR6 engines and I dont think is half as good having now driven both.

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I went from S3 to A4 Avant and i must say that i still dont regret choosing the A4. They're really nice and the build quality is so much better than on the A3.

That said, the boot isn't huge and you may have a squeeze with a double-buggy. Our Quinny Buzz is a bit of a squeeze and thats only a single-seater!

I'd seriously look at the BMW 5 series Sporting (Estate). They're lovely to drive, look classy and fantastic value at the moment and they have a bit more boot space too. Failing that, the Volvo is always a good bet.

A4 is very nice but not as practical as some of the other estates out there. I've seen a few of the older shape A4 1.8T Quattros going on ebay for not much over £5k - now thats a gorgeous car for the money. Test drove one a few years ago and was seriously looking for one before i got the current drive - at the time, there were none around frown.gif

Congratulations by the way! Should be due the same time as our baby was born (August 16th). 169144-ok.gif

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Well done you romantic old fool. I'd go for the Passat B5.5 myself, providing you can get a good one. Big enough, going for a song these days even more than before and plenty to choose from too. Easy peasy.

I think the Volvo is slightly out of the price bracket but you never know, all depends on the milage you want to go for. I can vouch for the build quality. As for reliability, second to none. (Apart from the Japs) 169144-ok.gif

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Thank you everyone for the good wishes and handy advice. Clocking things back, seem to think she's furhter gone that we would expect, but we won't go any further into that! 123576-assfeck.gif123576-assfeck.gif

Shao_khan, interesting slant on the double buggy. Got a job to keep him sat in the current buggy for 2 seconds let alone in 7-9 months time! Although I doubt I'll get any say in the matter if "she who must be obeyed" gets her way!

As for the really important issue (the car!), have been scouring trusty ebay & Autotrader all weekend and have come up with a provisional shortlist of what seems to fall into my <£5k bracket (all prices based on ebay);

A4 2.5 V6 TDi - rare

A4 Avant 1.9 TDi

A4 1.8T Quattro - rare & high insurance

Passat TDi 130 (saloon or estate) - surprisingly well priced!

A6 1.9 TDi

A6 1.8T - thirsty

I did also come across a very tempting '99 A8 3.2(?) for £4700!

I know it's dominated with high miler soot chukers, but can't really see past them for reliability and mid range grunt. Also, ther is scope to get Superchips or the like to take a look and work some magic (is this advisable on a +100k miles car?).

Wasn't too well taken with the Saabs and Volvos. Big lump of metal for your money but both tend to come with huge petrol lumps that will cost a lot to run. The Octavias seem well priced but are bound to keep falling. Plus I'd feel disappointed with anything but a vRS!

Fortunately I've got a bit of time on my side. Definately not good to rush into a purchase like I did with the A3. Need to shift the A3 first too (any takers?!)

Thanks again for the suggestions 169144-ok.gif

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Well my Oldest is only 18 months and i struggle to keep her locked up in a buggy - shes got feet made for walking and thats exactly what she intends to do with them. We thought the double buggy would be an asset, but instead it sits in the garage pretty much unused.

We have managed with an A4 1.8T saloon with our 2 - there are times when an estate would have been handy, but not yet had trouble fitting everythign in.

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Funnily enough I was just having a giggle with one of the guys in the office about an Omega Estate I saw on ebay. Around £4k for a FULLY LOADED (leather, sat nav, DVD etc) 2.5 V6 with 130k on the clock. Tempted but slightly too tank-like, plus I've never liked Vauxhalls. Will bear it in mind though.....

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I can vouch for SK's words. Have had 4. All have run fine. Great RWD chassis and lovely ride.

One of the smoothest autoboxes around. Never a duff change. The 16v is a bit gutless, as is the 2.5TD (but cruises well and sounds great), the 2.5/2.6 V6 go well and are not too thirsty. The 3.0/3.2 V6 shifts!!!!

The boot on an Omega saloon swallows ANYTHING, including doors (the front seat lays flat as well as the rear ones)

Don't dismiss. Oh,they are VERY strong.

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