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Got some funny looks yesterday


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After a month of collecting the dust, I decided to have my first go with the PC to do the winter prep.

First, Washed with GC and clayed the car, I then started to get set-up and got some funny looks in the process as nobody had ever used a machine to polish their car in our street.

Started with SFX-2 polish on a SFX-2 pad, and I was suprised at how much crap was been lifted when I looked at the pad as it was almost grey from the bonnet alone! crazy.gif After the polish I moved onto applying the AIO, which didn't take long as I managed to get the old man to wipe it off as I was applying in other areas after a few mins.

Then came the Wax, which was Collinite 845. Took into account that this had to be applied thinly but it took an age to haze over, but this could of been down to been in the shade and it been not too warm 0!

5 hours later, and a lot of MF towels been put into the washer I completed the winter prep! grin.gif The car looked shiny when viewed in natural light and it appeared that the swirl marks had indeed been removed But when I finsihed work at 10pm and saw the artificial lights still showing some 0! So looks like it's gonna have to be a more aggressive polish in the spring time.

Overall I'm very happy with the job it done, and a few people in the street commented on how good it looked when I finished. But as ever it's the idiot on the end that limited it's performance.

No pic's I'm afraid, as my digital camera has decided that white now comes up pink sportifs2.gif

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