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Gap in seal on windscreen


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Hi guys,

52' Reg Golf Tdi Pd130

I have just washed my car and noticed that this seal has moved away from the bottom of the windscreen.

In between the last time I washed it, it has been in for a service, ECU remap (Idling problems, all done under warranty) and also had the drivers side window fixed.

As far as my memory serves me, this was originally pressed against the windscreen and come to think of it, I do get a whistling noise now when travelling, although it sounds like its coming from the drivers window.

I've tried to push it back into position but it doesn't seem to want to go and I don't want to force it. Any ideas?


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Went to get this today this afternoon and they haven't be able to put it back as it was originally.

The service lady said they don't take it off for any reason (I'm sure I saw a filter underneath) and it must have just 'popped' off FIREdevil.gif

Now, I understand things don't just 'pop off' for any reason so do they need to get under this for any reason during servicing or not? The work they carried out this time they did for nothing but she said they will have to charge next time.

I know I haven't touched this ever so whats going on? I'm not paying to fix something some numpty has broken and kept quiet about.

Any ideas?

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If the ECU has been remapped (rough idle until clutch is dipped when it is cold?) V.A.G 5051 cannot remap TDI PD ECU's so a new ECU is fitted, have a guess where the ECU is fiited ?

Under that trim !

Go back to the dealer and give them hell!

There is a filter mounted under that trim but the trim does not have to be removed.

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Update - Ok, I finally got round to ringing VW and they have given me a case number for reference (I think I went on a bit too long on the phone sportifs2.gif) and I'll have to wait and see what goes on.

The lady said she will contact their technical department to see what exactly has to be done to have the work carried out and then speak to my local Stealers and see what they have to say about it.

I just don't like being lied to thats all. Why people can't just put their hands up and say "ok, we borked your trim, we'll fit a new one", don't know.

Hopefully will have a result in the next day or two.


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